Amber Rose In Salem Unif Boots


Amber Rose shared the above image of herself wearing this 6″ heel and 3″ platform Salem boots.

Upon sharing the image with her fans, on her Instagram page, the model wrote, “I LOVE my new boots from @unif.”

According to the retailer’s page, “The Salem boot features a 100% buttery soft leather upper, zip for easy access/exit, a 6″ heel and 3″ platform front that will get you high as… hell?”

And just how much are these boots? You can get a pair of these platform booties for an affordable $195.

Here are some close up photos of the boot and its design.

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Kerry Washington Unrecognizable On Lucky Magazine Cover


Following the unveil of actress Kerry Washington’s feature on Lucky magazine November issue, fans were left in disbelief.

The cover is visibly photo shopped, altering the ‘Scandal‘ actress’ appearance. Washington looked two shades darker than her natural complexion, her eyes made smaller, and lines around her lips refined.

Washington’s usually tamed wavy locks was also displayed in a wispy layered shouldered length bob.

Although the actress herself also shared the image with fans, there was no indication on whether she felt the cover altered her appearance.

What are your thoughts Fashion Debunkers, does the cover look like Kerry?